Motionspots, by Collectcent is a supply-side platform (SSP) which allows programmatic buying and selling of digital ad spaces (display, video and banner) by publishers to generate ad revenue. Thus, publishers can manage, sell and optimize their web and app inventory in an efficient and automated manner.

How does Motionspots help Publishers?

By using the services of Motionspots, a publisher’s ad inventory opens up directly to a large number of DSPs, ad exchanges or ad networks, simultaneously. A large number of potential buyers can engage in real-time bidding to purchase ad spaces, thereby increasing the value of the publishers’ ad inventory and help achieve a better yield.

As such, advertisers do not want to bear the cost of hiring expensive human media buyers to buy ads manually. They would rather invest in technologies which helps keep their costs down and they can purchase ads with greater efficiency. By cutting out the middlemen, the ad buying process has become faster and more efficient for a publisher. Motionspots is a reliable player in the market to fill and monetize ad inventory.

On the flip side, this also creates a conundrum for publishers as programmatic buying risks a devaluation of their inventory resulting in a loss of revenue. Therefore, Motionspots allow publishers to set a “floor price” - the minimum amount at which the inventory can be sold to media buyers. We, at Motionspots, combat problems faced by publishers by streamlining the process of buying and selling, help them efficiently govern their relationship with multiple ad buyers and exchanges, and remove manual intervention from the media buying process.

Since Motionspots engages with individual ad impressions, publishers can see who is paying what for their inventory and they can thus optimize their ad requests. This allows publishers a greater control over their inventory.

Motionspots is a crucial addition to the programmatic universe as it has become a one stop shoppe providing solutions for publishers looking to monetize their inventory.

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